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What is the difference between a website and an e-Commerce page?
January 30, 2023
What is the difference between a website and an e-Commerce page?

Publicizing your services and having an online sales platform are different formats that pursue a common goal: positioning a brand and generating more sales.


Today TecWeb shares this post with you because you must know the differences between a website and an e-commerce site to decide the format you need for your business.





A website content platform conformed by more than one Web page, and its site address has some characters that make up the URL, and those are:


  • HTTP or HTTPS: It refers to the hypertext transfer protocol; with it, the browser knows the information it will process.
  • ://: The points and the diagonals fulfill the function of separating the web address and being able to be found in the search engine.
  • WWW: The World Wide Web is a websites' access and search system.
  • Domain name: It can have at least a 3-character extension and is used to name your company's website.
  • Termination: It is the final part of the domain and shows its nature. Its three letters belong to the international codes of the countries—for example, .mx for Mexico, .es for Spain, etc.


Imagine that your website is like a magazine, the cover would correspond to the main web page, and the sections of your magazine -so to speak- would be the web pages that will supply information to your entire site.


The main URL will appear as, and one of the site's pages will be In a nutshell, your website comprises many pages with primary and secondary sections, and thanks to the menu, you can surf them.


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E-commerce site



If your company offers products, you need an E-Commerce site so customers can purchase all the products they want from your Online Store website. At TecWeb, we can help you to create the website you've always dreamed of.


You will need a Product Catalog, shopping cart, and payment method. So look for your products' best images and use technology to increase your sales.


Landing Pages, for the Call To Action



Suppose you need to promote a specific product or service. In that case, you can do it with a Landing Page, which corresponds to a microsite with a single page without a menu or links, and its main objective is to create leads (prospects) for businesses to specify the Call to Purchase Action.


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