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Electronic payment methods
February 21, 2023
Electronic payment methods


Technology has facilitated various aspects of life, putting at our service different tools that are safer when making or receiving payments, regardless of the number of zeros that this movement implies. Below, we present the alternatives that currently exist for carrying out monetary activities from the network for both users and business owners.



As customers, we seek that our transactions are safe when making an Internet payment and as business owners, we must offer different means and security guarantees to ensure that the sale is completed.


This is why the payment methods that exist on the Web already break the distance barrier since they allow us to purchase a product that comes directly from a distant country or take a course, doesn´t matter where we are geographically located.



The most common payment methods are:


  • PayPal


PayPal is used by most companies and is preferred by many users, because when they see that the provider has this payment system, they can rest assured that their digital transaction will have security padlocks and, in case there are If there is any disagreement with the package received, returns can be managed since they have buyer protection.



  • Payment by bank card


Bank card payments can be convenient when purchasing the platforms used by banks provide flexibility and security for transactions. Remember to make your operations from secure sites and secure Internet networks and also, keep an eye on the bank movements you make every month.



  • Wire transfer


Unlike bank card payments, bank transfers require a Clabe Account of the recipient, in order to transfer the amount of the product or service. If you want to ensure that the money from your sale arrives on time, make sure you send the transfer details correctly, otherwise, this movement may be delayed.


Bank transfers are one of the most common payment methods, due to the security locks that banks have.



  • Mobile payment


Linking your bank or credit card with your smartphone will allow you to issue payments from your mobile wallet. Some banks currently have their own payment applications, so you can keep better control of your income and expenses. Among other electronic wallet systems, there is Apple Pay, Google Pay or Cashi, among others.



  • Payment against delivery


If your customers prefer to buy online but make the payment directly, they will be able to do so when they receive the merchandise. For this, as the owner of your business, you can have a delivery service from one of the applications such as Diddi or Uber Eats, since they are the companies that allow payment on delivery of the products.



  • Prepaid cards


Another way to keep your accounts protected is by making payments on authorized sites, using your prepaid cards from Google, Amazon, Apple, and if it is Netflix streaming. This way you can count on an established control so as not to exceed your budget.


If you need to know how to keep your bank details safe when issuing a payment online, we invite you to read our Post about Advice for Personal Information Security.


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