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Control security cameras from your cell phone
February 28, 2023
Control security cameras from your cell phone


Reinforcing the security of spaces such as a home or an office goes beyond having reinforced locks. Today, thanks to technology, you can maintain permanent surveillance through the use of security cameras and the best thing is that you can receive the images on your mobile device.



How does video surveillance work?


Security camera technology has been simplified, allowing connectivity within homes to be within reach, integrating a home network like any other device.



IP cameras


IP (Internet Protocol) cameras are the most common and can be connected to a Wi-Fi wireless network, offering the possibility of monitoring the images captured by the camera from a mobile phone or a processor. To do this monitoring, you only need an Internet connection.


The user can receive alerts of any movement, directly to his email or to his cell phone. He can configure what events he wants the surveillance cameras to detect, and to be alert for at all times.


Connectivity allows the video recording to be stored on a computer, a mobile device -either a smartphone or a tablet-, or even in the cloud.



What is the main advantage of having video surveillance?


The most important benefit of having a video surveillance system is to maintain permanent monitoring in the spaces that need it. However, the monetary factor also represents a significant benefit, since these systems allow users to control the security of their spaces from their mobile and, in addition, their configuration is simple.



How many cameras are recommended to install?


If you are looking to install security cameras in your home, experts advise installing 4 to 8 cameras. But if you want to keep your business well-watched, you can install the ones you need according to the dimensions of the place.


There are different video surveillance equipment that will allow us to maintain punctual monitoring in the spaces. Whether they are compact bullet or dome cameras, they can be installed in a fixed or mobile manner without impeding their operation and configuration from the default app of each brand.


If you have a 1 TB disk, it will be used to store the image captures for three months.



What should you consider before buying a security system?


  • Angles and coverage.

You should consider the angles where you will place the cameras, as they will allow you to have a broader panorama of the image captures you want. You should also evaluate how many cameras you will need to have greater coverage.


You should avoid placing cameras at angles that face direct sunlight, as this will prevent you from capturing the images you need.


  • Everything in the app

By purchasing video surveillance kits, you can configure all of them in the same application of the brand you purchased, regardless of the number of cameras you install.


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