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What is Corporate Identity?
February 09, 2023
What is Corporate Identity?

The association of symbols, colors, and business practices helps the positioning of a brand because, thanks to the visual representation and the development of communication elements, companies can excel in the business world. Below we share how corporate identity can help to recognize a brand and the features that allow it to achieve it.



Corporate identity


The organizational communication of a company has elements that help convey its purpose and value proposal to its market, and, based on a correctly applied visual and cultural style, a brand will achieve a more attractive image than its competition, which is known as corporate identity.


There are internal and external elements that will consolidate success in building a company's corporate image and identity.


Internal elements of corporate identity



  • The business reason for being.

This aspect must have as its fundamental axis the generation of a link between the organization and the employee, awakening a desire to belong from the employee experience of each collaborator to achieve linking needs, expectations, and desires of a person towards their organization.


  • Company mission.

Suppose you need to explain the purpose of your company. Consider doing so in the mission, indicating what and where your company is heading. By synthesizing your company's goal, you will be able to describe its organization, function, and objectives.


  • Company vision.

The goals you have for your company can be reflected in this element, answering what you want and how you will achieve that goal in the short or medium term.


  • Your company values. 

You must choose the principles that most identify your company. You don't need to cover so many, only the most characteristic ones that define the essence of your company. From 3 values to 10 will help build your business identity and establish the key pillars of its performance.


Remember that values should mention a social implication, one of development, one of work, and one of customer service, since they will guide the actions and decisions of the company in general.


External elements of corporate identity


What image comes to your mind when you think of your favorite coffee? Or what brand do you associate with when you want to buy comfortable tennis shoes? What you have experienced is that you already have a psychological conception regarding specific products, and they have a value installed in your subconscious; it's because you want to have any product from that brand.


The distinction of a company from other companies is given thanks to the combination of symbols, colors, and letters that provide it with personality, using elements of corporate identity such as the logo, colors, typography, and the tone of communication toward its public goal.



  • Corporate identity manual

To correctly use these external elements, it is important to create a design guide where you define the corporate visual identity that specifies the characteristics and uses of each element that should go on your corporate stationery, website, and advertising. It is also necessary to clarify how its use is not allowed.


Approaching what you need and what you are looking for in your company's corporate identity can be a very productive experiment. You can turn to graphic design experts who will help you capture your ideas with original images and concepts. At TecWeb, we can help you develop the website and position your brand, contact our executives and learn about our plans.

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