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How does an internet domain help your business?
January 16, 2023
How does an internet domain help your business?

At TecWeb we provide technological solutions for our clients and if you are reading this article today it is because you surely want to know how having an Internet domain can benefit your business. Before beginning, we invite you to reflect on this: does your competition have a website? And how many people know your business?



The composition of a URL


You should know that a domain or URL are all the components that are used to locate a website, it means Uniform Resource Locator. This URL is made up of several elements and each one plays a precise role in locating an Internet domain, and they are:


  • HTTP. It refers to the hypertext transfer protocol and with it, the browser knows the information it will process.
  • ://. The points and the diagonals fulfill the function of separating the web address and being able to be found in the search engine.
  • www. The World Wide Web is the access and search system for websites.
  • Domain Name. It can have at least a 3-character extension and is used to name your company's website.
  • Termination. It is the final part of the domain and shows its nature, its three letters are based on the international codes of the countries. For example, .mx for Mexico, .es for Spain, etc.



Your customers know the address of your business, but do they already know what your website is?


Having a domain is equivalent to having a fixed address for your business, that is, having a space where your customers and potential customers can find you represents a point of seriousness and trust for your company. This will help so that, in addition to all the professionalism and excellent work of your human capital, you can show credibility and presence before your competition.



At TecWeb you can contract one of our Bronze, Gold, Diamond, or e-Commerce packages to give your company the positioning it needs on the Internet.


Another advantage of having your domain is that users will locate your brand just by typing it in the browser. For this reason, you need the domain to be clear, direct, and precise, that is, to be fully associated with your company, which will also make it easier for SEO engines to speed up traffic to your website.



Free tools or pay to have your brand appear on everything


Your brand cannot have greater benefits if you use free tools to have your domain on your website and email, because it will not be the same level of seriousness to send an email with a domain like @anyserver to


Giving your company added value is no longer a luxury because, among so many businesses, it is now seen as a necessity. Your visibility on the web will only be possible if you approach experts like TecWeb, we will do everything necessary so that the search engines help the positioning of your company. Remember that search results favor companies with their own domains, so don't hesitate, to contact one of our specialists and ask about the packages we have for you.



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