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TecWeb offers you plans for developing a Web page. You can also have personalized emails for your business so that you can attend to your affairs from your mobile anywhere in the world with Internet connectivity.


Here we explain how you can configure your email on your cell phone because we know that in this digital age, mobile communication is essential to make progress and complete your pending tasks.



In addition to social networks, email helps you keep track of different tasks and coordinate teamwork. For you to start configuring your email on your cell phone, it is necessary first:


  • Identify if your cell phone has an Android Google system or an iOS Apple system.


Knowing the functions of your mobile device will be easier if you first identify if it is a phone with the Android system or one with the iOS system because the default email application is different; At the same time, Android comes preloaded with Android Gmail, an iOS account with the Mail app.


If your cell phone equipment is from any of these brands: Samsung, OPPO, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Motorola, Nokia, Vivo, Sony, itel, Tecno, or others, follow the configuration steps for the Android system.




If your cell phone equipment is Apple, follow the setup steps for the iOS system.




Why configure your email as IMAP and not as POP?


Our specialists suggest configuring the email on your cell phone as IMAP because all the emails you receive will be stored directly on the server, not on your cell phone, as with the POP configuration.


If you are a TecWeb customer and have any questions in any configuration step or require assistance configuring your email on your cell phone or any other device, contact one of our specialists.


It is straightforward, and remember that the TecWeb team is here to help you find the technology solutions you need.

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