Social networks are spaces for digital communication, where, thanks to hypertext, the interaction between people who observe, read, and listen to the content exposed by different broadcasters is developed.     It does not matter if the use of social networks is made for personal or commercial purposes, the main objective of their existence is to allow communication between groups of people who, thanks to the Internet, break the barrier of geographic location to join the conversation in real-time.     Why are social networks a useful tool?   Internet users have an ally in social networks for various personal or commercial purposes and among all its advantages, these would be the main ones:   Maintain active communication with family and friends. Meet new people, no matter the distance. Get informed of relevant news in real-time. Promote businesses, characters, and artists. Present skills and talents.     What are the main social networks?   The social networks most used by Internet users vary according to different characteristics, such as age, tastes, and geographical location, among others, and in this list, we present which are the most common to date:   Facebook Instagram WhatsApp Facebook Messenger Youtube TikTok Twitter LinkedIn Spotify Telegram Snapchat   Using the appropriate digital communication tools will allow your business to position itself in different social networks. Contact our executives and they will be able to inform you about our content creation service for social networks and make your business visible on the Internet, at TecWeb we are here to help you.      
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  Search engines are computer systems that aim to find content stored on the web, and they literally dive into all the servers to find what you need on any search engine like Google, Yahoo, or Bing.     How does it work?   As an Internet user, have you noticed that when typing a word you only need to click to access thousands of results for specific information? the display of all this information is due to the fact that search engines start from a database to return content results such as text, images, and video.   They are divided into 3 types   Search engines are divided into three types and it is thanks to these information bases that your searches are found.   Hierarchical:   The results in this type of search engine are based on the range of importance of the information and what it does is throw data ordered by category, tag, or subject and take it from the availability of the repertoire of each Web site.   Directories:   This search criterion works from an internal process analyzing the information of links and web pages stored that contains the data that the user is looking for.   Metasearch engines:   They have a wide search capacity and the results are given thanks to other search engines available on the Internet, the search effectiveness is superior due to the wide range of results.   Search optimization Search engines work thanks to the algorithm that allows optimization of content SEO and website SEO (on-page SEO). Starting from the criteria, the algorithm will work to crawl the results from the search engines.   Search Engine Optimization allows those search criteria to generate results with better positioning, making them appear in the first places.   If you have always wanted your business to be number one in everything, you can hire one of our SEO plans, contact the TecWeb experts and we will help you achieve it.
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There are some doubts about the use and operation of SEO and SEM. The TecWeb team summarizes its main functions and benefits so that you can achieve the positioning of your brand.     SEO     As its name says, Search Engine Optimization helps the content of a website, blog, or e-commerce site appear in the first results of a search. To achieve this, a strategy must be implemented on the architecture of a site, with well-structured data that allows search engines, such as Google, to recognize relevant content regarding that search.     How does it work?   Algorithms help define the relevance of Internet sites and take into account Keywords, titles, meta descriptions, header tags, and friendly URLs.   Unlike Google Ads, in the future SEO is a good ally as it will allow the organic positioning of websites to generate recurring and lasting traffic.   If you are a TecWeb client and have questions about how to create a good SEO strategy, you can contact one of our specialists.     SEM     For its part, SEO works with Search Engine Marketing, making online campaigns in search engines visible thanks to paid advertising. In other words, when implementing a Search Engine Marketing strategy, you must pay for ads in Google Ads to achieve the target results.     How does it work?   Imagine that you are in an auction for your website to obtain the best positioning in Google results and you only need the keywords and the budget that you plan to invest. You put the price you want for your ads to be seen in user queries.   Something that is important to consider is that the results returned are those of the searches that have a commercial intention, that is, those that seek to achieve the purchase call to action.   If you need to implement an SEO and SEM strategy for your business, the TecWeb team can help you, contact our service and we will help you position your website on the Internet.
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