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Search engines are computer systems that aim to find content stored on the web, and they literally dive into all the servers to find what you need on any search engine like Google, Yahoo, or Bing.



How does it work?


As an Internet user, have you noticed that when typing a word you only need to click to access thousands of results for specific information? the display of all this information is due to the fact that search engines start from a database to return content results such as text, images, and video.


They are divided into 3 types


Search engines are divided into three types and it is thanks to these information bases that your searches are found.


  • Hierarchical:


The results in this type of search engine are based on the range of importance of the information and what it does is throw data ordered by category, tag, or subject and take it from the availability of the repertoire of each Web site.


  • Directories:


This search criterion works from an internal process analyzing the information of links and web pages stored that contains the data that the user is looking for.


  • Metasearch engines:


They have a wide search capacity and the results are given thanks to other search engines available on the Internet, the search effectiveness is superior due to the wide range of results.


Search optimization

Search engines work thanks to the algorithm that allows optimization of content SEO and website SEO (on-page SEO). Starting from the criteria, the algorithm will work to crawl the results from the search engines.


Search Engine Optimization allows those search criteria to generate results with better positioning, making them appear in the first places.


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