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Twitter is one of the most used social networks among Internet users, and its principal characteristic is that the posts are short and the news is in real-time. It works like a microblogging, allowing posts of 280 characters; there, communication is fast no matter where the users are. It is also used by personal brands and businesses seeking to promote themselves in the digital world, communicating with followers and potential customers.



How does it work


Unlike Facebook, interaction on Twitter begins when one user starts following another and shares their content. The privacy of messages is possible on this social network by sending a direct message to the user who is being followed, the recipient being the only one who can read them.


If an account has a significant number of followers, the history and the information it posts are considered reliable. There may also be private accounts where only followers will see the content that the user shares.


Twitter users communicate with each other by using the @ at sign to start a direct conversation. Users should interact in real-time with different personalities, no matter where they are.




Advantages for business


On Twitter, brands can have greater visibility and, at the same time, attract potential customers; its main advantages are:


  • The use of trending topics to join the conversation.

You will be able to know what the communication is about and share content that adds to your positioning.


  • Add sales and have a good image.

Here you can increase sales without neglecting the excellent image of your brand, always keep in mind that a user″s tweet can add or subtract from your company″s reputation.


  • Have communication with the audience and get to know your target audience better.

Maintaining contact with your followers will help to build customer service assertively. You will also be able to understand the preferences and needs of your target.


  • Observe your competition but also do Networking.

Part of continuous improvement is observing what your competition is doing, which will help you meet the specific needs of your loyal and potential customers. You can also have the opportunity to partner with other companies. There are always strategies that will help to have a good brand reputation.


  • Share truthful and fast information.

If you want to achieve a good brand reputation, you can do it by sharing attractive content with users in real time. TecWeb has content packages and management of social networks, contact our specialists and ask for prices.


  • Advertise on Twitter.

Many companies use Twitter Ads to advertise their products or services to increase their followers and traffic to a website or other social networks.


If you still do not have the advantages offered by Twitter, we invite you to join this network and use it in favor of your brand. Here we share how you can open an account.

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