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A logo is a graphic symbol that helps identify a company or institution and is mostly made up of an image and the name of the brand. When creating it, some aspects should be considered that will help to improve brand recognition.



Must be easy to interpret.


Captivating the audience with ease is possible if you manage to have a legible logo. The designers will be in charge of sketching different proposals for shapes and colors that will best reflect the objective and values of your company. Consider that optimal visual impact can be achieved if you capture the essence of your company in each element. In the case of the logo, it must be unique and original to be distinguished from its competition.





There are different terms to name the symbol that identifies the companies, which according to their composition receive a name.


  • Logo.

It is made up of text only. With the help of typography, lettering, and calligraphy, a brand can be given personality, such as the Netflix logo.



  • Isotype.

Through this symbol, we seek to capture the values of the brand, its turn, or its history. It is practically just an image, it does not use words. An example is Apple´s apple.



  • Image type.

In it, the image and text are combined to give personality to the brand. They can stay apart and still continue to communicate what company it is. Usually, the image is positioned above the text, for example, the ADIDAS brand.



  • Isologist.

Unlike the Imagotype, here the symbol and the words must be grouped, they cannot be separated, since their graphic representation contemplates visual and textual communication as a whole, as you can see in the Burgen King brand.



You must keep in mind what type of symbol you need for your company, starting from it you will be able to position your image with your target audience and impose yourself before your competition.

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