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Your service with TecWeb may be temporarily or permanently suspended for any of the reasons we present below.



  • Lack of payment or debts of the service.


After contracting your service, our executives will tell you the payment limit of your monthly payment. Remember your service cut-off date, which can be on the 1st or 15th of each month; everything will depend on your contract date.



  • In case of sending SPAM or misusing emails.


SPAM is large amounts of email sent for advertising purposes and can be dangerous for email recipients, as there is a risk that these emails obtain data such as logins and passwords on your computer system.



  • For breach of our terms and conditions of service.


At TecWeb, we safeguard all the information you provide us; however, incurring any of our policies and conditions of service may earn you the temporary or permanent suspension of any of the services we offer you. We invite you to visit, where you can learn about all our policies and conditions.

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