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To generate traffic from your website to your social networks, you must show the Internet world how they can know about your business there. Integrating social networks into our lives is an advantage for companies or individuals who want to reach a more significant number of followers and position themselves among network users.


TecWeb shares how you can configure your social networks from your website.



Identify which social network is most beneficial to you.


You should know that there are popular social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, and they all aim to allow communication and interaction between users who receive the information published on them. You can choose your communication channel with Internet users depending on your content and objectives.



Embed social media button.


Once you have decided which social network to use, you can place the link button directing users to that platform. Remember that your social networks will be an extension of your brand message, and you will be able to publicize content and information about your services.



How can social media benefit you?


There is a comprehensive benefit to having social networks, and one of them is that you can generate traffic from your website to your Facebook FanPage or your other profiles on other social networks. Build brand loyalty with your target audience and use these communication tools to spread your message as a company to more potential and ideal customers.


If you are already a TecWeb customer, we can help you set up your social networks, or if you don″t have them yet, we have packages for social networks where we create content and position your brand as needed. Contact our executives.




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